Obligatory cutting of ragweed
Monday, 05 July 2010

On 30th June was the deadline of the obligatory first cutting of ragweed. It means that on 1st of July, the land offices and the public notaries can start checking in both rural and built-up areas. In line with the governmental decree, the fine imposed upon those land owners who missed the obligatory prevention may be HUF 15000 to 5 million. But because of the floods and increased inland water caused by the extraordinary precipitation of the past period, it is almost impossible to cut down the ragweed. The owners were not able to carry out the especially important spraying in large areas of many hundred hectares as the land became inaccessible.
Considering all these, Sándor Fazekas, Minister of Rural Development ordered the land offices to organize and perform on-the-spot inspections in a way that allows them to visit and identify first of all the uncultivated land parcels and stubble-fields.