Uniform land registry in Slovenia
Friday, 18 August 2006

Dutch support for the uniform land registry of Slovenia


Kadaster of the Netherlands completed its first project in the EU Twinning Light programme in July 2006. The main purpose of the project was to firstly reduce and then gradually eliminate currently duplicated tasks between the Surveying and Mapping Authority (SMA) and the Supreme Court in Slovenia. Between writing the terms of reference for the project and its publication, the Slovenian government has decided to merge the real estate records in the country, thus uniting the tasks of SMA and the Supreme Court.

This decision of course has an enormous influence on the execution of the project, particularly in the timeframe. In order to speed up the process, Kadaster invited Professor Miha Juhart, a member of the Slovenian government committee responsible for the merger, to examine the Dutch practices and regulations. He was then able to describe the benefits and consequences of the merger with respect to IT architecture to both SMA and the Supreme Court. The visit of the Slovenian delegation to Kadaster in July, led by Dr. Bozena Lipej of SMA, marked the end of the project.


Short note from the Newsletter December 2006 of Kadaster of the Netherlands