Settlement Search
Wednesday, 06 June 2007

Write the name of the wanted settlement into the empty field, and you can find out, to which district or county land office it belongs. You also can get a statistical overview on the land parcels of the selected settlement by location and by cultivation lines, and also you will be informed, what kind of land registration maps are available of the selected settlement.

The following statistical data are available of any settlement countrywide:

  • land parcel statistics by location (urban area, rural area and hobby gardens), number of land parcels, number of independent buildings, number of flats, size of the whole area, size of the smallest land parcel, size of the largest land parcel, size of average land parcel,
  • land parcel statistics by cultivation lines (woodland, grassland, orchard, reeds, arable land etc.): number of land parcels, number of sub-parcels, size of all sub-parcels, size of the smallest sub-parcel, size of the largest sub-parcel and size of average sub-parcel,
  • map coverage by settlement and by locations within that, code of the Central Office of Statistics, projection, scale, date of the survey, date of map revision, information about the general maps and their availability.
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