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Thursday, 22 May 2008

Since 19 May 2008, a new electronic land office service has been available. E-authentic, in other words, electronically authenticated copy of property sheet is being provided by the TakarNet land office system, in the first stage, for the registered TakarNet users. Nowadays it means more than 8000 users: banks, notaries, local governments, lawyers, courts, public administration institutions, planning offices, real estate agencies etc.

E-authentic copy of property sheet = electronic document

The e-authentic document (copy of property sheet and copy of cadastral map extract) is an online electronic document that contains the authenticating clause (certificate) of the provider; the provider authenticates it with electronic signature of advanced security and places a time stamp on it. The e-authentic document has not only informative effect, but legal, probative effect too. The provider with the certificate and the electronic signature of the institution certifies that the e-authentic document originates from the land registration database, and its content in the marked time corresponds to the authentic and valid data kept in electronic form in the land registration database. 

Only the e-authentic property sheet corresponds to the conditions of the electronic document of advanced security – as regulated in the Act XXXV/2001 on Electronic Signature – consequently, the e-authentic copy of property sheet has only the necessary probative force provided by the relevant law.
The e-authentic document represents conclusive evidence in that case only, if it was controlled by the e-Szignó program and viewed on the monitor of a computer. Its printed paper version is not accepted as authentic document with probative force.  To be able to query e-authentic copy of property sheet, the user should be authenticated for the use of the e-Szignó program. This e-Szignó program is a commercial product, it can be downloaded directly from its producer, and can be applied free of charge for checking the electronic signatures.
Service fee: e-authentication: HUF 800 + VAT/entry (property). For special clients with reduced rate: HUF 40/entry to be paid above the usual other query fees.

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