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PCC Budapest, 2011

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Monday, 30 May 2011

The main aim of land administration is to make all land and property transactions safe, uniform, accessible and simple for everybody. To reach this aim, the Institute of Geodesy, Cartography and Remote Sensing (FÖMI) successfully applied for the project ELECTRONIC NON-STOP LAND OFFICE DATA SERVICING SYSTEM THROUGH CLIENT GATE (short name TakarNet24) supported by the Ministry of Rural Development and in efficient cooperation with its Department of Land Administration, to complete the first stage of the Digital Land Office Concept. The TakarNet24 project was selected by the Government as one of the prioritized projects of the Electronic Administration Operative Programme (EKOP).


The project aims at providing direct electronic access to land office data for the citizens through internet, in a wider circle and around the clock. As a result of this recent development, the new electronic data servicing system of land administration called LAND OFFICE ONLINE became fully operable. When entering the Central Client Gate of the Governmental Portal – more exactly, after registration there – the clients/users can get authentic official information about the registered data of their lands and other properties and their relevant changes from anywhere, at any time.

The project name „TAKARNET24” reflects the most important feature of the recently elaborated application: the new software and hardware architecture is able now to provide the current clients and future users with non-stop accessibility to electronic data service of the land management network. Beyond the timely accessibility and extension of its functionality, it was a prioritized aim to provide users – first of all private persons registered at the Central Client Gate – with land office data service.

Services of the land office system (Land Office Online) accessible through Client Gate:

  • query of non-authentic copy of property sheet (review or full), 
  • query of e-authentic copy of property sheet (review or full),
  • query of copy of cadastral map

against payment of fee (through internet, with credit card). The fees are the same as the currently used administrative servicing fees determined in the relevant rules of law and other regulations.

Within certain time limits, viewing and repeated downloading of the content of queries made earlier by the client are free. Beyond this, viewing of Part 1 of property sheets relating to 20 real estates per month is free as well.

The client already registered at Client Gate can automatically use the services of Land Office Online after entering the Land Office Portal free of charge and without new registration. The client who is not registered yet has to register first. It can be done personally and free in any Citizens Office or Government Window.

As a result of this project, the land administration organisation has done a significant step forward and contributed to converting public administration services  into electronic and making them accessible in a much wider circle, supporting the governmental efforts in this direction. 

You can learn the use of the system from the Land Office Online DEMO that contains further details too.


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