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Protection and Utilization of Land PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 06 January 2010

Cases managed by the land offices:
land protection, land classification and the land lease register

Main duties of the Divisions for Protection, Classification and Utilization of Land in the Land Offices:

  • managing the procedure for issuing land protection permits and statements of the professional authority for land protection,
  • checking the fulfilment of obligations relating to land utilization and eradication of ragweed,
  • managing the land classification procedure
  • performing agriculturist’s duties when changing the cultivation line,
  • maintaining the land lease register and supplying data from it.

District Land Office:

The above listed activities have been performed– in line with the main rule – on first instance by the territorially competent district land office.

County Land Office:

  • judging the application for legal remedy against the decision made at the district land office,
  • approving the re-utilization plan of non-cultivated areas (making them suitable for agri- or silviculture again), if the said area belongs to the field of competence of various district land offices.
  • issuing permit of first instance for utilizing arable land to other purposes, and issuing first instance statement of professional authority, if the application affects agricultural land parcels extending to the fields of competence of various district land offices.
  • marking and supervising district sample areas, updating the register of district sample areas with changes and supplying data from it.
  • managing the land classification procedure relating to area attachment between settlements belonging to different valuation districts,
  • formulating proposals to classify the settlement in the case when merging settlements belonging to different valuation districts.

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