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Land protection fine and its rate PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 11 January 2010

Land protection fine and its rate:

The sum of the land protection fine to be imposed is at least HUF 10 000.
The land protection fine goes to the State budget. The fine is to be paid within 30 days after the day when the decision imposing the fine steps into force. The fine not paid by deadline is considered as public debt to be collected.

In the case of missing the obligation of utilization and re-utilization, the land office imposes land protection fine to the land lessee. In these cases (i. e. omission of the obligation of utilization or temporary utilization relating agricultural land), the rate of the land protection fine will be a sum of the registered Gold Crown value of the said land parcel multiplied by 2000. On the other hand, as the non-cultivated lands have no Gold Crown value, in the case of missing the obligation of the other utilization and the re-utilization, the rate of the fine will be calculated on the basis of the average Gold Crown value of the agricultural land parcels registered in the settlement, by using the multipliers applied in the fourth quality group.

If no land lessee is registered in the land lease register, the land protection fine will be imposed against the land owner. If the said land parcel has several registered lessees in the land lease register or the said land parcel is jointly owned by several owners, the land lessees and shall be jointly charged with the land protection fine.

In the case of missing the obligation of reporting the change of cultivation line, the start or termination of another kind of utilization, the rate of the land protection fine is HUF 10 000.


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