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The land administration sector has been managing the complex set of public data of the most important element of the economic life, agriculture and credit transactions, the land and other real estates in a uniform, multi-purpose system covering the whole territory of Hungary. Its aim is to support the realization and enforcement of rights in land and property ownership, healthy environment, the freedom of enterprising and economic competition and the official registration of all parcels, other real estates and objects through providing an uniform and authentic land registration system and spatial data infrastructure.
The Department of Land Administration (DLA) within the Ministry of Agriculture (MoA) is the main supervising organ of the land management sector consisting of the network of county and district land offices, and also the Institute of Geodesy, Cartography and Remote Sensing (FÖMI).

The mission statement of this institutional network is the following:

"To become an efficiently operating and successful institution, which guarantees geo-referenced real property related rights for facilitating secure property transactions and providing an infrastructure and services for economic, environmental and social purposes.”

The strategic vision:

"To make property transactions secure, integrated, accessible and easier for all.”


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