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Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Online Land Information Service

The installation of the TakarNet system was an important milestone in the land office modernization programme. On the one hand, it means that all offices and institutions involved in land administration are connected with each other in a countrywide, fully computerized network. On the other hand, the system provides remote online access to land office databases for registered external users, e. g. banks, offices of public administration, local governments, public notaries, attorney’s offices etc.
Since 10 June 2002, all Hungarian district land offices have been servicing copies of property sheets through the network, not only of their territory of competence, but also every other district land office of the country. External users were allowed to access the network in April 2003; nowadays, more than 9000 registered clients are using the service on daily basis. These registered TakarNet users can have access through the website to the following land office services:

  • Copy of property sheet serviced electronically as a so-called non-authentic document (review or complete) – searched according to several features (parcel numbers, parcel number intervals, postal address of the real estate etc.)
  • Copy of property sheet serviced as a so called e-authentic (electronically authenticated) document (review or complete) – searched according to several features (parcel numbers, parcel number intervals, postal address of the real estate etc.)
  • Copy of cadastral map (land or other real estates in urban or rural area, or being hobby gardens)
  • Copy of land lease sheet serviced as a so called e-authentic (electronically authenticated) document (review or complete)
  • Sending messages about the changes of property sheet data: side notes, address changes, recording of easements, changes in ownership etc.
     Access Permit

The online remote access to land office data and the use of the countrywide computerized TakarNet network have excited great interest all over Hungary. During the past twenty years, the Department of Land Administration and Geoinformation of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development have performed an important development and realized significant investments in the field of land registration: at the beginning, supported by the EU Phare Programme, and at a smaller rate by the Swiss and German governmental support, and also from Hungarian State budget. Later, further financial support was generated through EU tendering procedures.

As a result of the said modernisation, all property sheet data have been loaded into the system, and since June 2000, the TAKAROS system (Térképen Alapuló KAtaszteri Rendszer Országos Számítógépesítése=Countrywide Computerization of the Map-based Cadastre System) has been operating in all district land offices. This allows computerised data maintenance and case management. TakarNet network connecting all land offices is also in operation that provides remote online access to land registration data. Since 2007, the digital cadastral map data have been available for the total area of the country, and one can have remote online access to them as well. In 2009, DATR system started to operate countrywide; since then, this system has been maintaining the digital cadastral maps in the land offices according to the digital base map standard.  

Web pages

The user-provider contact is being realized through internet on web-surfaces that enable the users to reach TakarNet services with a simple internet browser program. Web pages support the database queries of the users and give information on the currently available services, their prices, about the land offices, opening hours of the client services etc. Different services can be accessed through different web pages. 
The user-provider contact is also interactive; the system supports the filling in of the application forms. After the first checking (e. g. does the required parcel number exist at the given land office) and a possible correction, a reply message arrives at once.

Any land office is accessible from any other land office countrywide (e. g. a copy of property sheet of a land parcel situated in Balatonfüred is obtainable in Budapest or Miskolc as well).


TakarNet is a closed electronic network that provides limited and strictly controlled access for external users. The external users can have access to the services permitted for them through protected gates only.
The security of the message circulation is supported by the multi-level encrytion system (encrypting the content of messages, digital keys, user identification, use of passwords etc.). The system archives records on user transactions, the time and subject of a query so any data is easy to identify.


The non-authentic e-copy of the property sheet is indecisive (does not represent conclusive evidence) in any form (displayed on the screen, saved in a file or printed, etc.) therefore its content has no legal effect either. 

Authentic copy of property sheet or cadastral map can only be issued by the district land offices. Since 4 February 2002, the land offices issue authentic paper copy of property sheet only on security paper fixed with security labels prepared for this special purpose.

The e-authentic copy of property sheet is a written electronic instrument that contains the authenticating clause (certificate) of the provider; the provider authenticates it with electronic signature of advanced security and places an electronic time stamp on it. This e-authentic document represents conclusive evidence and certifies that it originates from the land registration database; its content in the marked time corresponds to the authentic and valid data kept in electronic form in the land registration database. 
Printed paper version is not accepted as authentic document: it represents conclusive evidence in electronic form only. 

From 1 January 2010 on, in line with the modified rules of law, only the e-authentic property sheet corresponds to the conditions of the electronic document of advanced security – as regulated in the Act XXXV of 2001 on Electronic Signatures – consequently, the e-authentic copy of property sheet has only the necessary conclusive evidence provided by the relevant law.

Minimum technical requirements

To be able to access data service through the network, beyond having the access permit and the service contract, the user should have certain technical background too, for the physical realization of the access to TakarNet. The following things are necessary on the user side:

  • An operating data transmission line  (internet) between user and provider,
  • An up-to-date personal computer configuration (e.g. Pentium), internet browser with pdf reader, and
  • Access authentication (digital certificate) issued by FÖMI during registration procedure.

The TakarNet services are accessible with several internet browser software (e.g. Internet Explorer,  Mozilla Firefox, Netscape etc., in fact, any browser that accepts the certificate). It is advisable to use the latest version of the selected browser. For pdf display, the current version of Acrobat Reader is proposed that is also free.  
The software runs on 32 bites MS Windows compatible platform. They are free of charge and will be handed over on CD to the user by FÖMI together with the service contract.


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