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Monday, 04 January 2010

Land Registration Data Service

Upon client’s request, land offices can or are obliged to supply data from the database maintained in the offices. Data servicing – including viewing too – in every case can happen on written request only. The land office employees will check the data given in the form by comparing them with those indicated in the personal identity documents of the clients.

All the authorities, courts, attorney’s offices and local governments are obliged to use the up-to-date content (data, rights and facts) of the land register in all cases of the land offices and other official cases managed by any authority. The land offices give information about the content of the land register as provided by the rules of law.

Copies of property sheet are only serviced by district land offices
and the client services of their branch offices!

Copy of property sheet
Copy of cadastral map extract 
Complete data service
Copy of documents

Land book
Servicing other data

In line with the Act CXLI/1997 on Land Registration, the land register is public, and the citizens may get information about the content of the property sheets without limitation. Anybody can view it, may write notices of it or may request authenticated copies. When supplying data from the land registration database, the data query can only happen on the basis of the data of the land/property in question: settlement name, parcel identity number or postal address. 

The use of identity data (e. g. owner’s name) of a natural person to query is only permitted for the courts, the attorney’s office or the investigating authorities, for certain official tasks indicated in the Act, or for the inheritance procedures at the public notary. But it is prohibited in any other case. 

An administration servicing fee is due for data servicing, as provided by the law. The law can stipulate personal or objective exemption from paying fees.


Copy of property sheet

Copy of property sheet can be supplied to anyone according to the principles mentioned earlier. In official and other (financial institutions, inheritance cases) procedures, typically review copies are needed. Property sheets can be viewed in the district land office only, which is territorially competent according to the location of the land/property.

Copy of cadastral map

Copy of cadastral map is typically necessary in procedures of other authorities (construction permit, preliminary plot forming permit etc.) Copy of cadastral map is always subject to payment of fees.

Complete data service

Natural and legal persons dealing with land surveying are generally requesting complete data service that means supplying data of cadastral maps, geodetic control points and property sheets against payment of fee. Complete data service is offered only for clients specified in land survey and land development.

Copy of documents

It is a general rule that one can view the document kept in the archives of the land office or get copies of it only with the written permit of the authorized/obliged person in the form of a complete private document of probative power or a document countersigned by a public notary.
The fee of an authenticated or non-authenticated document or its extract is HUF 100 per page.

Land book

  • The land book contains the descriptive data of the land/property, which are important for land registration, in other words, the data indicated in the Part I. of the property sheet, relating to the settlement as a whole, certain parts of it or individual land parcels. The fee of the service is HUF 400 per land/property.
  • The land book with owner’s data, i. e. Part I. of the property sheet and the requested data of the owner can also be serviced. The fee of this service is HUF 800 per land/property.

Servicing other data

  • Territorial summary: statistics edited according to certain points of view, the fee is HUF 8000 per settlement.

  • Grouped data: statement produced with requested data (depending on the technology), the fee is HUF 2000 per land/property.

  • Register book: statement of a settlement’s area, grouping the land parcels according to location, cultivation lines and quality classification, summarizing them by sorts and showing their Gold Crown value.


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