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Friday, 07 June 2002

Security elements of the paper-based authentic copy of property sheet, 2002

In the past years, and especially after the start of bulk borrowing for purchasing flats, the misuse of property sheet copies issued by the land offices became very frequent. In several cases it occurred that not genuine or forged property sheet copies were released, orclients wanted to manage several cases using so-called „property sheet copies” that were purchased elsewhere but not in the land offices.

We are glad to inform our clients that as a result of recent significant developments, in 2002, the district land offices start servicing authentic copies of property sheets on special security paper that show all the necessary security marks. This allows us to decrease the opportunity of misuse, improve the security of title and suppress damaging to property.
After starting servicing the property sheet copy of new type, all district land office can only issue authentic copy of property sheet on security paper showing all the security marks. These are the following:

  • Átpántoló címke: adhesive fastening label
  • Vízjeles biztonsági papír: security paper with watermark
  • Biztonsági pecsétcímke: security adhesive label with stamp

These changes do not affect the content or content features of the property sheet. This means that the formerly used structure of content and text do not change, but all these will appear on special security paper, completed with an adhesive fastening label and a security adhesive label with stamp
After printing, the pages of the copy of property sheet will be stapled, and the adhesive fastening label will be stuck on the staple.
Then, as usual, the traditional stamp of the land office and the signature of the case manager will follow; finally the security adhesive label with the stamp will be stuck on the authentic copy.

We kindly invite our clients, please, check during the official procedure, if all mentioned security elements appear on the authentic copy!

In this way at the first sight, even simply visually anyone can state unambiguously and evidently that the document is authentic. 
Certain marks of the paper allow subsequent identification, improving the security also in this way.

The introduction of security paper and security labels does not affect the current price of the authentic copy of property sheet. 


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