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Thursday, 31 May 2007

Requesting copies of cadastral maps, viewing the maps

From the archives of the district land office, map data are supplied for the citizens, authorities and entrepreneurs specialized in land survey. This service is based on the data of cadastral maps and the map at scale 1:10 000, State-owned and other basic data. Data queries are to be submitted on standard forms available only in Hungarian.

The rate of the administrative service fee is provided by the joint decree 63/1999. (VII. 21.) FVM-HM-PM, which is due when the service is realized.

One of the most frequently requested data service is the supplying of cadastral map copy (site plan); its current administrative service fee is HUF 3000.-

The copy of cadastral map must contain the following information:

  • Official stamp of the competent land office,
  • Settlement name,· Location (rural or urban area, hobby garden),
  • Parcel number of the requested land parcel,· Scale and sheet number,
  • Projection system,
  • Size of the requested land parcel (letter code of the sub-parcel, cultivation line, Gold Crown value etc.),
  • The drawing part must show the requested land parcel and its environs,
  • Authentication clause,
  • Date, stamp, signature.

Viewing of cadastral maps is possible free of charge in the territorially competent district land office, but currently the administrative service fee of searching and identification by street, house number and old parcel number is HUF 800.-/land parcel. 

Online map copy service through TakarNet

Registered users of the system can query electronic copy of cadastral map against payment, through TakarNet network. For more information:


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