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Tuesday, 05 January 2010

In line with the provisions of the Act CXLI of 1997 on Land Registration, paper based authentic copy of property sheets (and authentic and non-authentic copies as eletronic documents) can be serviced. Copies of property sheets can only be serviced by district land offices and land office data service points!

  • Authentic copy is a copy that shows all the security elements (security paper with watermark, fastening adhesive label, stamp label) together with the clause and verification of the land office. 

Types of copies of the property sheet, which can be requested:

  • Review copy (contains the existing records only),
  • Fully copy (contains all records – the existing and the deleted ones too).

The copy of property sheet can be serviced on request. The application should contain the name of the applicant, his/her mother’s name and his/her place and date of birth. It is mandatory to fulfil the application form. The land office will compare the data indicated in the application form with those ones of the applicant’s personal identity documents.

Review copy of the property sheet is typically needed to official and other (e. g. financial institutions, inheritance cases etc.) procedures.  Viewing the property sheet is only possible in the district land office that is territorially competent by the location of the land or other property in question.

Administrative service fees

The rules on fees and personal/objective exemption are provided by the Act LXXXV of 1996. From 1 January 2010 on,

  • the administrative service fee to be paid for the authentic copy of the property sheet is HUF 6250.-

The copy of the property sheet can only be given out if the fee was paid.

The fee is to be paid at the competent land office, parallel with the submission of the application in cash, or if there is opportunity  for that in the official premises of the land office, by credit card, cheque or bank transfer to the account of the office. In the latter two cases, the payment should be proven.

The fee should be paid by the client who requested the copy of the property sheet.

E-authentic copy of property sheet of any land/property in Hungary can be serviced by any land office through the countrywide TakarNet system online.


Content of the property sheet 
Security elements of the authentic property sheet copy

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