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Tuesday, 05 June 2007

The change monitoring service offered by the land offices enables the citizens to be informed about any changes or modifications that happened on the property sheet of their registered land, house, apartment etc. quickly by e-mail and/or SMS. Making use of this opportunity, the security and safety of the activities related to land can be increased and also the customer will be able to follow those steps in case management causing changes on the property sheet. To order this change monitoring service, it is necessary to know the parcel number or postal address of the land/real estate. The service works in two ways:

For TakarNet Users
For Private Persons

Change monitoring for TakarNet users

From 15 September 2005, the change monitoring service has started, as a first step, for the users of the TakarNet countrywide computerised system, who have been receiving notifications by e-mail. Nowadays, it means almost 6000 users: banks, public notaries, public administration authorities, local governments, real estate agencies, planning offices etc. who all are entitled to use this service too. The indirect impact of this service can be observed also by the wide public: as a consequence, e.g. the banking transactions or the case management concerning inheritance became quicker and more secure. 

Legal persons (companies, institutions) using already TakarNet can automatically ask for change monitoring service, as in their cases, a bulk monitoring is needed anyhow. The one who already has been authorized, possessing the access permit and using other services of the network, can simply enter the system, click on „Land Change Monitoring” in the menu, and by accepting the General Conditions of Contracting can use the change monitoring service. Those legal persons who have no access to TakarNet yet, should first apply for that. See detailed information about the accession procedure under TakarNet Information.

The service means monitoring of changes in the content of the property sheet and sending of notifications on the changes by e-mail to the user against fee to be charged later on, monthly. The user will register the properties (in bulk as well) to be monitored, and also can select the types (groups of types) to be monitored. The system is able to send more than 30 sorts of notifications about changes in properties. The service begins in the moment of start and after one calendar year it will be extended automatically. At any moment, the user can register new properties to be monitored or stop monitoring of other ones monitored already earlier (with special attention to the yearly expiration date, to prevent the not wanted property from falling under the automatic extension for the next calendar year). The user is enabled to follow the notifications on the changes in all monitored properties in chronological order from the start. The service fees:

Registration for change monitoring


HUF 1800 /property/year (+VAT)

Message about the change by e-mail


HUF 20 /e-mail (+VAT)


Change monitoring for private persons

On 3 April 2006, the service became available for private persons too. It means that private persons can receive notifications on the changes of their registered properties via e-mail and/or SMS

Private persons do not need to submit any permit or certificate for using this service. There is no need to go to the territorially competent land office either: they can make the contract at the client service of any land office and use the service at once.

The service covers the monitoring of the wanted property sheet(s) and the sending of notifications on the changes in the wished format against prepaid fee. The service automatically terminates after one calendar year from the start of monitoring, unless the client applies for extension of the contract before.

Making the contract

The customer can make the contract at any land office client service for the monitoring of all changes happening in his/her property by filling in and signing a standard contract form and prepayment of the service fee. It is not necessary to travel to the territorially competent land office.

While making the contract, the case officer will check the identity card of the customer, similarly when applying for authorised copy of property sheet. After checking the data delivered by the customer (e. g. does the given parcel number really exist?) the registration of the change monitoring is performed in the land office, and about the exact time of starting the change monitoring, the customer will receive a message at once. Then the customer can be sure that during the validity period of his/her registration he/she will be notified within 24 hours in the requested form (e-mail and/or SMS) if any application arrives concerning his/her land or other property. 

Within one contract, monitoring of several properties can be ordered, but only one e-mail address and /or telephone number can be given. Parallel notifications are possible through e-mail and SMS too. Of course, to register the change monitoring, one should know the parcel number or postal address of the land or other real estate.

The content of the message

The system will automatically send notification (to the address or telephone number recorded in the contract) about the arrival of any application of which a marginal note is being prepared, or which causes any kind of change in the data of the related property sheet. An application can be submitted for a change in the ownership, recording of an easement or its cancellation etc. The notification contains the location and parcel number of the land/property, and also the nature of the change (marginal note, change in ownership, and change in burdens or legal facts). Informed about these, the customer can decide if the given application was submitted with or without his knowledge, and in the latter case, take the necessary measures in time. Concerning viewing the documents, the provisions of the Act on Land Registration No. CXLI of 1997 are to be followed. 

 The customer will receive so called system-messages too, e. g. information on the exact time of starting monitoring. The land registration is performed in a computerised system, so after the recording of the necessary data, the change monitoring goes completely automatically.


Earlier, there were four different packages, but on 1st April 2007, the fee system was simplified. Now, the fees are calculated according to type of notification, and there is no limit in number of notifications anymore. Accordingly, the fees of change monitoring service for private persons are the following: 

 E-mailSMSE-mail + SMS
FeesHUF 2600 + VATHUF 2852 + VATHUF 4252 + VAT

The customer will select the fee package and pay the fee, when making the contract in the land office. The above fees are valid for one calendar year of monitoring the relevant land/property, and sending notifications of unlimited number in the selected way. The service will stop after one calendar year from the start. Of course, after payment of a new fee package, the service will keep on working.

Monitoring and informing - Contract for the security of your property


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