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Copyright issues 

The information and data published on the Land Office Portal can be reproduced with indication of the source.

The original content and its any element (text, image, voice, video, animation) can only be reproduced with the preliminary written permit issued by the Ministry of Rural Development Department of Land Administration and Geoinformation (MRD DLAG).

The reproduction should be in line with the corresponding paragraphs of the following Acts on the Press (Act II of 1986), the Criminal Code (Act IV of 1978), the Civil Code (Act IV of 1957) and the Copyright (Act LXXVI of 1999). Without the said written permit of MRD DLA, online or printed reproduction aiming at publishing of any page or its elements (both together and separately) is forbidden.

Without preliminary written permit, no element of the content of the homepage can be placed into databases, neither public, nor closed. The elements of the content or form of the homepage must not be changed or used for any other purpose differing from the original destination of the homepage. It is forbidden in possession of the publication permit too.

The copyright of the homepage content (with special attention to the photos) belongs to MRD DLAG, excepting the case if there is another source indicated in the document, or other information is given concerning copyright.

MRD DLAG will not place any business promotion material or advertisements on the Land Office Portal; news and information of general interest are only published there for the public and non-profit sectors.

References (links) of our www-services can be placed among other online offers. However, MRD DLAG reserves the right to take objections against putting links into unworthy environment and make steps to terminate it. Please notify us about the place of the links or about your wish to put them on our homepage on the fax number +36-1-795-0690 or on the e-mail address  In this way, you can get information about the use of the articles published on our homepage. Please indicate your name and e-mail address in your message, together with the planned use of the material.

The editors of the present homepage are doing their best to keep the information published here precise, complete and up-to-date, but they do not take any responsibility for the damages originated from the use of those information or data.


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