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Wednesday, 06 January 2010

Land classification procedure:

The land classification procedure means that the classification group and cadastral net income (Gold Crown value) of an agricultural land parcel will be established. The quality of agricultural lands should be established by classifying them into groups from 1 to 8. The classification is performed according to classification areas (land classification districts) and sample area networks demarcated in each settlement. The cadastral net income should be calculated on the basis of the classification group, the degree of cadastral net income and the size of the land parcel.

The owner of the land parcel in question is obliged to tolerate the carrying out of all these tasks related to land classification (location of sample areas, getting there, classifying work etc.).

Change in the quality of an agricultural land parcel is happening when its registered quality has durably changed for some reason (erosion, soil melioration etc.). In that case, when the registered quality of the said agricultural land parcel has changed together with its cultivation line, then the change of cultivation line is to be reported to the land office.

The land office can modify the quality group (cadastral net income) in the case of a change that happened not because of change in cultivation line, if a difference of at least two quality groups or 8 Gold Crowns per hectare can be established between the registered data and the reality.


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