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Thursday, 02 June 2011

As a result of the TakarNet24 Project, a new, modern data servicing system was born: it provides the widest availability of the most frequently requested land data kept by the land administration organisation. Up-to-now, this kind of electronic data service had been available for the registered TakarNet users only: banks, local governments, attorneys, public notaries, state organs etc. From now on, the non-stop Land Office Online is at your disposal through internet, also from your home. So, please register at the Clients Gate and have access to the services! Enter the Land Office Online System!


The services are available against payment (by paying the fees through internet with credit card).

  • Part 1 of the property sheet (monthly 20 pieces free)
  • E-authentic copy of property sheet (full or review)
  • Non-authentic copy of property sheet (full or review)
  •  Copy of cadastral map (non-authenticated)

E-authentic or electronically authentic is an electronic document that contains the authenticating clause (certificate) of the provider; the provider authenticates it with electronic signature of advanced security and places a time marker on it. This e-authentic document has probative force, though it is not considered as official document. The provider certifies with the certificate and the institutional electronic signature that the e-authentic document originates from the land registration database; its content in the marked time corresponds to the authentic and valid data kept in electronic form in the land registration database.  Printed paper version is not accepted as authentic document: it has probative force in electronic form only.

The fees are the same as the currently used administration servicing fees determined by the relevant rules of law and decrees as follows:

         Land Office Service 

 Data Servicing Fee

 E-authentic copy of property sheet 

 HUF 3600

 Non-authentic copy of property

 HUF 1000

 Copy of cadastral map (site plan)

 HUF 2400
 (according to the decree 63/1999 (VII.21.)

The main aim of the project was to provide also the private persons with non-stop electronic access to services, to „Land Office Online”, directly through internet, by simple registration at the Central Client Gate of the Governmental Portal.
When elaborating the interfaces, we tried to provide easily understandable and simple use.  The best way of identifying a property, of course, is the use of the parcel identification number, but the search based on map and postal address is also solved. If the search by address gave several answers, then those all would be listed on the screen.
Viewing former queries of the client and repeated downloading of them is free within certain time limits. Beyond this, Part 1 of 20 properties per month can be viewed free.

If you have already been registered at the Client Gate: you can automatically enter from Land Office Portal and use the services of Land Office Online without new registration and without paying new fee.

If you haven’t registered at the Client Gate yet: please register first, personally and free of charge in any Citizens Office or at any Government Window. From 17 January 2011 on, you can do that at the client terminals at any Government Window too, after registration at the Client Gate, of course.

The use of the system together with further details you can learn from Land Office Online DEMO; it contains the Users’ Guidebook too. In the second half of 2011, system services will be completed with free map search and one can make contract for change monitoring “watchdog” service as well.

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