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Cadastre iNSPIREd! PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 11 March 2011

Cadastre iNSPIREd! – Project, an active cooperation of the Permanent Committee on Cadastre (PCC) and EuroGeographics Knowledge Exchange Network on Cadastre and Land Registry has delivered its report, so the project successfully finished. Cadastre INSPIREd!” is the title of a joint Working Group and project of the Permanent Committee of Cadastre of the EU (PCC) and EuroGeographics. The main focus is to investigate INSPIRE themes of Annex II and III which are relevant for the cadastre e.g. land cover, buildings and Orthoimagery. The objective of the project is a classification of the importance and relevance of cadastral information to these themes, and to contribute to the development of the INSPIRE- Data specifications.
Based on the successful results of the former “WG-CPI” project “Role of the cadastral parcel in INSPIRE”, the final report was a main reference document for the INSPIRE data specification for cadastral parcels.
The project took a similar approach with an additional survey in the Member States providing the input and for the following INSPIRE processes to underpin the role of the cadastral parcel as an essential element in national and the European Spatial Data Infrastructure (ESDI).
The screening (analysis) of the INSPIRE themes in Annexes II and III was focusing on those themes which are part of the cadastral information and/or are strongly connected to it. The identification as well as the prioritisation of the themes finally resulted in Land cover (Annex II), Land use (Annex III), Buildings (Annex III) and Orthoimagery (Annex II). Based on a questionnaire the working group made a successful survey in all the member states of the PCC and EuroGeographics and finally 32 European countries (including 26 members states of the EU) replied.
Find the full version of the Cadastre iNSPIREd! final report  here in pdf format.

Julius Ernst, Chair of the group and Deputy Director of Division Verification and Cadastral Offices at the Austrian Federal Office for Metrology and Surveying (BEV) proclaimed that based on the successful results of the former project ‘Role of the cadastral parcel in INSPIRE’ and the great interest of the members of EuroGeographics and the PCC it is clear, that the ‘cadastral parcel’ represents an essential element in National and European SDI. The close cooperation of the experts from EuroGeographics and PCC contributed significantly to the work of the INSPIRE Annex II and III drafting teams.

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