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New Client Service in Zugló
09 October 2007

On 15th October 2007, Client Service of the Budapest District Land Office No. 3 will be opened in the 14th district of Budapest, Bosnyák tér (address: 1149 Budapest, Bosnyák tér 5, entrance from Rózsavölgyi köz.) This client service will provide property sheet copies countrywide. According to plans, from 1 January 2008, Office No. 3 will be at the disposal of the clients with all kinds of service relating to land registration in its field of competence: 7th, 14th, 15th and 16th districts.

New Branch Office in Mórahalom
05 July 2007

On 1st July 2007, Szeged District Land Office (in Csongrád County) has opened a branch office in Mórahalom (Address: Millenniumi sétány 17, 6782 Mórahalom). The following settlements belong to the field of competence of the new branch office: Ásotthalom, Bordány, Forráskút, Mórahalom, Öttömös, Pusztamérges, Ruzsa, Üllés and Zákányszék.

Change Monitoring - a New Service
10 May 2007

„The contract of security” for the owners of land and other real estates  

The change monitoring service, the so-called Watchdog System offered by the land offices enables the citizens to be informed about any changes or modifications that happened on the property sheet of their registered land, house, apartment etc. quickly by e-mail and/or SMS. Making use of this opportunity, the security and safety of the activities related to land can be increased and also the customer will be able to follow those steps in case management causing changes on the property sheet. To order this change monitoring service, it is necessary to know the parcel number or postal address of the land/real estate.

Map Servicing
09 May 2007

Since June 2005, map copies of land parcels and other real estates registered in the area of Budapest have been serviced through TakarNet System. You can have the copy of the map of a given parcel or other property after a search started with its parcel identity number or postal address. In line with the speed of digital map production, the circle of those settlements has been growing day by day, the maps of which are getting ready for servicing. From April 2006 on, one can require map copies of rural land parcels registered at rural district land offices. TakarNet users can request map copies of parcels/properties of urban areas as well in more and more places of the country.

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Memorandum of Understanding
30 June 2008

In Slovenia, on 27th of June 2008, aiming at emphasizing the significance of the cadastre and the uniform representing of our profession, a Memorandum of Understanding was signed by two eminent professional organisations of the European Union, EuroGeographics and the Permanent Committee of the Cadastre (PCC). With this Memorandum, these organisations wish to express their intention of strengthening the cooperation in communicating cadastre and land registration issues, of improving awareness of the cadastre’s role and eliminating the parallel activities of the member organisations.
The whole English text of the Memorandum is available in pdf format.

E-conveyancing in the Netherlands
11 March 2008

An explanation follows of the system for electronic recording introduced in the Netherlands in 2005 and of the future system for the computerised completion of documents delivered electronically The existing legal system places specific preconditions to this e-conveyancing process. For a better understanding of the additional applicable preconditions, an explanation is provided first concerning the Dutch legal system.

Virtual reality and GIS
27 September 2007

The expression “virtual reality” – though we have been using it since the 90s – according to my experience is not very widely understood among „the people of the street” who are simple computer users and have never heard about GIS (Geographical Information System) either. In other words, many people all over the world are keen to live another life by the help of the ever more sophisticated „toolkit” of multimedia. Psychological and social motives of this phenomenon should be discussed with the relevant scientists… Passion for gambling? Longing to leave the nasty real life, real world? Alienation and hatred to people? Wishing to escape? Perhaps, we are lazy or do not have enough spare time and try to find practical and quick electronic solutions of buying this and that, while sitting in the armchair at home? 

Marketing and cadastre
06 September 2007

The cadastral organizations in Europe and all over the world form part of public administration. In the market economy, the demand for data and services has radically been grown everywhere, but especially in the field of land and property registration.  At the institutions offering services, it is a real expectation that the income should possibly cover the whole budget.

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