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E-governance and cadastre
Tuesday, 10 October 2006

E-governance and e-services need suitable, operable institutional network. The current professional trend is the integration: possibly one single institutional network coordinates the e-governance and its services. Some examples and experiences show that in those countries where the establishment and operation of the e-governance has reached an advanced level, the Cadastre, the Mapping Authority or the Uniform Land Registration System and their networks are responsible for the coordination and operation of e-governance, administration and services.

Land Offices against Ragweed
Thursday, 28 September 2006

In Hungary, the most unpleasant allergic symptoms are produced by common ragweed (ambrosia artemisiifolia). The number of people becoming allergic to the pollen of this plant has been growing year by year. In serious cases it can cause not only allergy but asthma too.

Uniform land registry in Slovenia
Friday, 18 August 2006

Dutch support for the uniform land registry of Slovenia


Kadaster of the Netherlands completed its first project in the EU Twinning Light programme in July 2006. The main purpose of the project was to firstly reduce and then gradually eliminate currently duplicated tasks between the Surveying and Mapping Authority (SMA) and the Supreme Court in Slovenia. Between writing the terms of reference for the project and its publication, the Slovenian government has decided to merge the real estate records in the country, thus uniting the tasks of SMA and the Supreme Court.

Not the task of courts!
Thursday, 01 September 2005

Bosnia: courts should not deal with land register

Instruction for analysis of situation and preparation of solution plan for old and backlogged cases in BIH courts

"Taking into account the principle that a court should not deal with non-contentious matters between two parties and taking to account that in many countries some court activities are successfully performed by administration organs or other specialized organs, for the purpose of relieving courts from non-court activities, upon a thorough elaboration and analysis, the Working Group regards that courts should no longer deal with inheritance proceedings, and a great part of non-litigation proceedings.

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