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Tuesday, 05 January 2010

Administrative servicing fee of land registration procedures

The Act No. LXXXV/1996 (modifying the Act XCIII/1990 on duties) on Fees to be paid for authenticated copy of property sheet provides that administrative servicing fee is to be paid for the land registration procedure itself too. The recently modified resolutions of the said Act enter into force on the 1st January 2010. It means that the modified resolutions should be applied in cases started after 1st January 2010. 

The fee should be paid parallel with the submission of the application at the cash-desk of the competent land office, or if it is possible, with bank card, cheque or through bank transfer. In these latter two cases, the payment should be proven. The following administrative servicing fees are to be paid for land registration procedures in line with the resolutions valid from 1st January 2010 on:

 First order procedure (except mortgage)
 HUF   6 600 /land parcel or property
 Recording or modifying mortgage
 HUF 12 600 /land parcel or property
 Foundation of condominium or modification of 
 the foundation deed of condominium
 HUF   6 600 /individual sheet of condominium
 partner, maximum HUF 100 000
 Specially prompt procedure (requested by client)
 HUF 10 000 /land parcel or property
 Appeal against a district land office decision  
 HUF 10 000 /decision

The fee of an especially prompt procedure is due at the moment of submitting the application for that.

In the land registration procedures started after 1st January 2010, the fee is to be paid or the payment confirmation submitted at the beginning of the procedure by that person who applied for the procedure or by that person who will be authorized through the recording. If several persons are authorized to have rights in a certain land/property, all parties are charged by collective payment obligation. 

If a client applies for the recording of more than one right, in the case of its creation, modification or cancellation relating to the same land parcel/property and within one procedure, the basis of pricing will be the one, the fee of which is the highest.

If a client does not pay the fee after official notice either, the land office will stop the land registration procedure – in line with par. 31. of the Act CXL/2004 on the general rules of official administrative procedures and services. In the case of missing the payment of fees, the amount will be handled as public dues to be collected similarly to taxes. The land office will initiate the collection of the fee at the tax authority.


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