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Monday, 18 June 2007

Maps covering the whole area of the country of larger territorial units, whole settlements are available too. This service is subject to payment of fees. The rate of the fee depends on the type, size, scale etc. of the requested map, but in certain cases there is opportunity to make individual agreements too.

The digital land surveying base maps
produced in the National cadastre Programme (NCP)

can be divided into two groups:

  • A database built up according to the standard  MSZ 7772-1:1997 and the specification of the DAT regulation, which contains the geometric and attribute data of the whole area as administrative unit of a given settlement,
  • A vectorised digital land surveying base map according to the order of layers as specified in the ministerial decree 21/1995. (VI. 29.) FM, which contains all geometric data and also by locations, together with the related identifiers (captions).

The maintenance of the digital maps produced within the framework of the NCP is the duty of the territorially competent district land offices. According to the valid rules of law, for servicing copies of maps, showing the requested land parcel for citizens and legal bodies and the supplying of State-owned basic data needed for land surveying tasks, the territorially competent district land offices are responsible too, independently from the digital form of the land surveying base map.

In the cases listed below, it is necessary to make a data use contract with the NKP Non-Profit Co.:

  • Use in GIS for geometric or other (e. g. planning) purposes, relating to the whole area or to some locations of a settlement,
  • Requesting map data relating to several settlements, following a track line in general,
  • Requesting digital map data of decreased accuracy and/or of limited data content.  

Data request should be started at NKP Non-Profit Co., indicating the purpose of data use, the needed accuracy and content. For further information click here


Map data of Hungary serviced by FÖMI

FÖMI has been servicing digital and paper based maps of different content and scales, covering the whole area of Hungary. The map supply of FÖMI is a valuable source of base material for planning and data registration purposes:

  • topographic maps – represent the area of Hungary both in digital form and paper based maps at scales of 1:10 000, 1:100 000 and 1:200 000,
  • vectorised maps, digital topographic maps and databases for GIS

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