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Plot Formation Procedure PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 20 January 2010

For plot formation procedures provided by the amendment of the Governmental Decree 338/2006 (XII. 23.) on the formation and protection of the built environment, the Government appointed the district land offices on the first instance, and the county land offices on the second instance as construction authorities – with the exception of protected monuments and properties serving national defence or other military purposes – from 1 January 2010 on.

The plot formation procedure starts on client’s request. According to the content of the application, the types of plot formation are the following:

  • plot formation authorization procedure 
  • joint plot formation procedure.

Based on the application requesting joint plot formation procedure,

  • a procedure starts for issuing permit of plot formation, and after its becoming effective,
  • another procedure starts for updating the land registry with the changes that happened in the data of the plot, in the registered rights and recorded facts as a consequence of the plot formation.

The application requesting plot formation authorization can be submitted by

  • any owner of any plot affected by the plot formation or
  • any co-owner of a jointly owned plot.

The application requesting the start of a plot formation procedure should contain the aim of the plot formation that can be

  • re-subdivision of a plot group,
  • plot subdivision,
  • merger of plots
  • plot boundary adjustment.

To be attached in any case when starting a plot formation procedure:

  • certificate of payment of administration servicing fee and
  • the plot formation documentation produced by a land surveyor authorized for construction and technical planning, and also qualified as land developer. 

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