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Management of Land Surveying Cases PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 30 May 2006

The main duties of the land surveying divisions of land offices are the preliminary and the final updating of the cadastral map with the relevant changes.

  • The land surveying division carries out certain land surveying servicing jobs on client’s order (e. g. indication of a building on the map, formation of plots etc.)
  • A prioritized official task is to examine and verify (by adding a clause) the content of the cadastral maps produced by land surveying entrepreneurs.

The cadastral map
Copy of cadastral map, viewing
Examination and verification of sketch maps
Protection of control points

Investigation of errors in the boundary lines of properties or their area calculation
Special land surveying jobs

Examination and verification of sketch maps

To update the cadastral map with a change that affects its content, a sketch map of changes is necessary, as provided by rule of law. This is the duty of the district land office to examine and verify the sketch map by adding a clause, and perform a preliminary updating in the cadastral map.

The verified and officially approved sketch map should be submitted together with the necessary document for updating the land registry; at the same time, the map content is also updated.

Protection of control points

The landmarks (control points) serve important aims of economy. The owner or user of the property should abstain from any activity that can result in damaging or destruction of the landmark placed in his/her land parcel. The owner or user of the property is obliged to report without delay to the territorially competent county land office any kind of damage or destruction of the landmark.

In the case of damage, the costs of renovation, in the case of complete destruction, the expenses of the replacement must be covered by the owner/user. The landmark showing the place of a control point can only be moved to other place or demolished with the permit of the territorially competent county land office.

Investigation of errors in the boundary lines of properties or their area calculations

When a land surveying, mapping or area calculation error occurs, the competent district land office ex officio can correct the base map and the relevant area data at any time. The valid map presentation and the land registration record can be changed within the competence of the land office with reference of land surveying, mapping or area calculation error, if it was proved that the error had originated from a default made during updating or a mistake. 

The correction of the land surveying, mapping or area calculation error does not affect and change the existing boundary line and the relationships of tenure. There is no need to have preliminary official (or juridical) decision or any permit to correct the error. It can happen both on client’s request and ex officio. Back

Special land surveying jobs

Depending on free capacity, the land offices can carry out land surveying jobs on order (plot subdivision, indication of new building, pegging out a boundary line, distribution of building sites, producing expropriation- and progress-maps etc.). Other services, e. g. scanning or plotting up to the size A0.


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